Saturday, October 16, 2010

Writing on a wall just before getting into Najera (Day 9 of my journey)

This writing sums up my camino very well.

        Dust, mud, sun and rain
        Is the Camino de Santiago
        Thousands of pilgrims
        And more than a thousand years

       Pilgrim, who calls you?
       What hidden force attracts you?
       Not the field of the stars
       Nor the grand cathedrals

       It is not the courage of Navarra
       Not the wine of the Riojas
       Nor the seafood of Galicia
       Nor the plains of Castile

       Pilgrim, who calls you?
       What hidden force attracts you?
       It is not the people of the Camino
       Nor the rural customs.

       It is not the history and culture
       It is not the cock of La Calzada
       Nor the palace of Gaudi
       Nor the Ponferrada Castle

       I see them all as I pass
       And it is a delight to see everything 
       But the voice that calls to me
       I feel much more deeply

       The force which pushes me
       The force which attracts me
       I cannot explain it
       Only He who is above knows it

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  1. Hola Doreen
    I have seen your Blog Its great. I walked the way last holy Year from SJPDP to Santiago. My questio: I saw the Canadian Company of Pilgrims Badge. Where I can buy it?
    Thanks and Ultreia y Buen Camino