Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sept. 25, 2010 - Rabenal del Camino to El Acebo

Left around 7:00 arrived in El Acebo around 12:00 - walked 18 km

Was a beautiful walk, uphill, very steep, very invigorating. One of my most emotional days on the camino.

Walked all morning with Steve from Texas. We stopped for quite a while at Cruz de Ferro, a cross on top of a huge pile of stones. People bring stones from home to put on the pile of stones.

Stopped in Manjarin to give Julies´s book to Tomas & Antonio. Even though I could not understand them, I could tell they knew right away who Julie was and they were very happy to receive the book. It was so worth the weight of carrying it (actually was not all that heavy).

Walked on. The view of the mountains was breath taking, I wanted to stay on the mountain forever. Actually picked up a rock to bring home. It has been very hard up till now not to pick up any rocks (saw many that I would have liked to take), but the thought of carrying them made me leave them where they were. However, once I delivered the book I thought I could carry a little rock and besides this mountain has become a special place for me and I have to take a tiny piece of it back with me.

Stopped at the parochial albergue in El Acebo. The hospitalaro and his wife are volunteers from France. Chatted with him a few times through the afternoon and evening. He knows so much about the history of Spain and France. Heidi was really interested in the Knights Templars and he answered question after question. This is a beautiful little village on the side of the mountain. I think so far it is my favourite place.

We had a communal dinner at the albergue. Sat with Teresa - Austria, Riete - Holland, Steve - Texas, Enzo - Italy, Bart - Belgium. It was very nice. The hospitalaro had dinner half an hour early so we could go watch the sun set.

Late night for a pilgrim but a very meaningful day. This day has been a turning point on my camino.

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