Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sept. 30, 2010 - Triacastela to Samos

Had planned to meet Heidi at her albergue for 8:00. However, was up at 5:30. Had a really good sleep and was wide awake. I am now sitting in the kitchen of Heidi's albergue waiting for her. Am telling myself to be patient because I am itching to get going. It is 7:30. We are only planning on going 10 km today so we have lots of time. We want to stay at the monastery at Samos.

Was another beautiful walk. It was not raining but there were clouds and mist covering the mountains. Most of the way you could hear the river and birds. Felt very peaceful today. Thought a lot about the service last night and the Service with the monk in La Faba the day before. At the service in La Faba the monk had 5 people come up front and sit on a bench  facing the congregation. (He also had people from the congregation interpret into several languages).

He talked about how Jesus washed the disciples feet to show that he came to be a servant to others. He washed and kissed the first person's foot then each person washed and kissed the person's foot beside them. It was very powerful. He talked about how people on the camino look after each other (especially their feet).

We arrived at Samos around 11:00. Just in time to get in on the last tour of the monastery before it closed for siesta. We decided to stay because we wanted to hear the monks sing at the 7:30 vespers. Thought we would finally hear the Gregorian chants.

Was a quiet day. Caught up on my blog a bit, but really felt like I should be walking. Mass that evening was disappointing. The monks did not chant. A couple people were crying so it was meaningful for some. I understood not a thing and did not feel anything. Heidi and I were sitting close to the front. We saw a mouse running around. It was entertaining to watch the looks on peoples faces when they first saw it. Then I remembered I was sleeping there tonight. Heidi laughed. She was staying at the albergue across the street.

After mass we had a picnic of crackers, cheese and olives that Heidi had bought earlier that day. It was a wonderful feast. Said good bye to Heidi as she planned to take her time the next day and I had to leave early (We actually had to be out of the albergue by 7:30).

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