Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oct. 7, 2010 - Santiago to Finisterre

Slept longer than I intended (8:40). Was hoping to catch the 9:00 bus to Finisterre, however did catch the 10:00 bus in spite of the fact that, with my poor sense of direction (and no yellow arrows), I took a couple wrong turns to the bus depot. Ran into Rieta at the cafe at the bus depot also on her way to Finisterre. The views of the mountains and the ocean on the way was beautiful. I soooo felt like I should be walking.

Found a place to stay in someone's house. The people were really nice (even though we could not understand each other). Rieta had already left for Cabo Finisterre by the time I was settled (she was taking the 5:00 bus back to Santiago so didn't have time to wait for me).

Wandered around the marina and ran into Don & Mary Kay. We had lunch (it was already 3:00 and we were pretty hungry). I then decided to walk up to Cabo Finisterre - "the end of the world". It was a 2-3 km walk. On the way there I met Rieta on her way back. We said  our good byes. We called ourselves 'camino sisters' because we always seemed to be on the same wave length.

Like the camino, the walk to the-end-of-world and back was far more spectacular than being there. Got back to Finisterre around 7:00 and just wandered aimlessly feeling lost and sad. Found a rock to sit and watch it get dark - was no sunset because it was cloudy and misty, but it felt good to just sit and watch and listen to the waves of the ocean.

Went back to the house around 9:00. Renata from Germany was sitting by the kitchen table sipping wine and planning her next move. She poured me a glass and we chatted about our caminos till after 10:00 when we realized our hostess was waiting for us to go to bed so she could also go to bed.

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