Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sept. 29, 2010 - La Faba to Triacastela

Wow! It is 6:30 in the evening and I am trying to remember this morning and it seems like such a long time ago.

Walked 25.5 km today. A very, very challenging walk, however, it was worth every step. I love this place and can´t even begin to describe it.

It is getting harder to journal and find a computer to key into the blog and yet there is so much more to say.

Was going to go on to Samos today, but when I got to Triacastela my feet said no, and again, I am glad I stayed here. Found an albergue that is a little house made of stone. There are only 3 bunk beds and it is very clean. Was in the back yard doing my laundry and I looked up into the mountains. From the corner of my eye I could see someone waving from the 3rd floor window in the building up on the hill. Couldn´t make out who it was but waved anyway. When she yelled ¨I´ll be right down¨, I realized it was Heidi.

We went to the 7:00 mass for pilgrims. It was so different than the other masses I have been going to. It was actually fun. The priest was joking around a lot. Sat with Bart who understands French, German, Spanish and English. He interpreted everything for me. Heidi went up to the front to do the English readings. The message was something about how the camino is very much like our life. In addition to being funny it was very meaningful and lots of food for thought. I got so much more out of it because of Bart´s interpreting.

After mass Heidi & Bart went back to their albergues and I went back to mine. It was only 8:00, too early to go to bed and there was no where to sit and journal at my albergue (it had started to rain so I couldn´t sit outside), so I walked down to the bar. Was only sitting for 5 minutes and Renata and another guy from Germany asked to to join them. We chatted for about an hour. We were sitting under the awning, listening to the rain, eating bread and cheese and sipping wine, feeling like we were on top of the world and talking about how wonderful it was to be here. I enjoyed the company and conversation, however did not get any journaling done.

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  1. Wow, can you walk! I'm enjoying all your postings... I could almost taste those grapes a few entries back. Glad the Camino is the memorable experience you were looking for.