Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oct. 1, 2010 - Samos to Manras

Was awake by 5:00 and left at 6:00. Was amazed to see a bar open and really enjoyed a cafe con leche grande. Was on the road by 7:00.

I walked and walked and walked. Did 30.5 km. Am now in Galacia. Have been for 2 days. Of the whole camino, Galacia is my favourite region.

Felt like I was in a completely different country. There are a lot of hills and your can still see the mountains far in the distance. This is farming country, particularly dairy. It is very traditional. They still have haylofts and outdoor ovens for cooking. As you walk through the little hamlets you really have to watch were you step so you don't step in a cow pie. In one place I went through, I  had to share the 5 foot wide trail with a herd of cows coming toward me. As I got close to them they walked single file beside me. A little way up the road I stopped at a bar for cafe and sat at the table outside - beside the barn.

The fences are made of stones that have been there so long they are covered in moss. A good part of the trail has stone walls also covered in moss with chestnut and oak trees hanging over top like a canopy. It felt like I was in an enchanted forest.

The albergue where I stopped is beautiful. Both the bar and the place where we sleep are made of stone. They play Celtic music continually. I love it!

Don't know anyone here. I  guess most of the people I have been walking with didn't take the detour through Samos. The only people I saw today that I sort of knew were Jessica & Jeff, cyclists from Provence, France at one of the bars on the way and chatted with them for a bit. At first it felt kind of strange and lonely not to know anyone, but it was actually good for me to spend the day completely alone. There are quite a few people just starting their walk from Sarria (in order to get the Compestella certificate you have to at least walk the last 100 km, so after Sarria it gets busier). You can see instantly those who have  been walking for a while and those who just started. They have a different kind of energy.

It is very relaxing sitting here listening to the music, however it is almost 9:00 and I should make my way to bed.

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