Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oct. 4, 2010 - Melide to Santa Irene

Left the albergue in Melida shortly after 8:00. As I was walking past the municipal albergue, Riete was just coming out so we walked together. Another guy joined us. After a few minutes I picked up my pace because I really do like to walk the first hour or so in silence. Met up with Riete further up the road and we walked the rest of the way together.

It was very quiet today. All the new people that just started were nowhere in site. There was quite a storm last night. The entire path, for the next two days, was littered with bark and tree branches. In three places large trees had actually blown over and covered the path.

We walked 32 km. My longest day of walking. Didn't plan on walking that far but when we reached Arzua it was only 12:00 and we both felt we had enough energy to walk at least 2 more hours. So we stopped for a cheese bocadilla (Arzua is famous for it's cheese - it really is very good), then kept walking. Two hours later we were ready to stop but there were no albergues. We ended up walking till 5:00 and were pretty tired. Riete was having problems with her knees and my ankles hurt.

After we were settled we found out that in order to have dinner we had to walk back 1 km. So we did. We splurged on an expensive bottle of wine (6 euros) to celebrate our accomplishment today and because it was our last night before reaching Santiago. We laughed a lot talking about our experiences and the people we met over the past 5 weeks. There were 4 Spanish guys sitting 2 tables away from us. We joked around with them all evening (even though we could not understand them and they could not understand us). They were staying at the same place we were. It was a fun evening and much excitement about getting so close to our destination.

We had to rush to get back so we wouldn't get locked out. A late night for pilgrims.

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