Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oct. 3, 2010 - Palas de Rei to Melide

Left around 8:00. It was raining quite hard but that was ok, still felt like singing. The song "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" kept playing over and over in my head. A few days ago there were a couple of ladies walking behind me singing hymns in German. I recognized the songs but couldn't remember the words so I just hummed along. Several hours later (the ladies were long gone) I remembered a line from one of the songs, "Thank you, that I can know my worries can be cast on you". Now the song keeps coming back but I put in my own words.

I have always liked walking in the rain, especially through the forest and much of the walk was through the forest today. The colours and smells are so different in the rain. Some farm houses had wood stoves burning and I walked slower because I love that smell.

After walking for 3 hours I stopped for a break. Was surprised to see it was actually someone's house where they opened the front room for pilgrams to come in and have cake and something to drink. Riete from Holland and Leona from Australia were there (Leona's husband had joined her in Sarria to finish the last 100 km with her - she looked quite happy). It was so good to see familiar faces. It reminded me of Stephan's comment about how these familiar faces feel like home. We chatted for almost half an hour and sang a few lines from "Singing In Rain".

Walked the rest of the way to Melide with Riete. The mini rivers on the trail were becoming wider. In some places it looked like little lakes. Rieta joked that tomorrow we may need a canoe. I thought about the guy from Madrid who thought yesterday's walk was boring. He was having problems with blisters and  bought a pair of sandals. He said as long as he wore the sandals he was ok. I'm thinking he's probably not walking today.

Had planned on going as far as Azura, however, by the time we got to Melide I was soaked to the bone, my toes were squishing in my shoes, and I was worried that the contents of my pack were getting wet. I was done singing in the rain.

We found the Municipal albergue but it didn't open for another half hour. The private albergue beside it was open but cost 4 euros more. I was starting to feel chilled so paid the extra 4 euros so I could go get out of my wet clothes.

Only walked 15.5 km today. Spent the afternoon hanging around the albergue. Around 6:30 decided to go and explore. Walking past a bar, I recognized Riete's laugh so I went in and had a glass of vino tinto with her and 2 other ladies from Germany. Left there to find a pharmacy to buy some Halls. Didn't find a pharmacy but found the church where mass was just starting, so went there instead. On the way back to the albergue, I saw a Panaderia (bakery) that was open. Had a cup of decaffeinated loose leaf tea that tasted like cherries. Believe it or not, she also sold Halls.

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  1. Really love the bit about the Halls! Brings to mind "Seek ye first....and all these things shall be added unto you"!