Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sept. 26, 2010 - El Acebo to Ponferrada

It was an entertaining night. It was quite noisy. There were a couple people who snored and the beds were extremely squeaky. One girl in the next room started giggling. Then a lady screamed in her sleep. There was a tall German guy in the lower bunk next to mine. When the lady screamed, he sat up very quickly and bumped his head on the top bunk. He said something that sounded like ´Gut Got in himmel´. I started laughing and I couldn´t stop. I covered my mouth with my sleeve so as not to make any sound, but I was shaking so hard my bed squeaked. I was sure the German guy was going to swear at me too. I laughed so hard I was sobbing. I did however, eventually fall asleep.

Forgot to look at the time when we left and forgot to look at the time when we arrived. Walked 17 km today with Heidi and Steve. Dora from Denmark walked part way with us.

Was up and ready to go before the hospitalaro got there with the cafe. He opens the door at 6:30. Heidi didn´t stay at the parochial albergue with us but she was going to meet us at 6:30. When the hospitalaro opened the door, Heidi just about gave him a heart attack. She was sitting on the bench beside the door waiting for us (she had her eyes closed and her head resting on the wall). The hospitalaro thought she had been sitting there all night and was frozen (gets pretty cold in the mountains at night). Poor guy, however it was quite funny. He invited her in to have breakfast with us and we left shortly after.

Really enjoyed the walk, even though it is more challenging, the mountains are my favourite place.

As we were walking past a vineyard on our way into Ponferrada, some people were harvesting grapes. A guy standing by a row of crates held up a bunch of grapes and waved us over. He gave us 4 bunches (one for each of us - red and white). They were sweet and juicy, the best grapes I have ever tasted. It was a very simple thing, but the picnic of grapes on the trail made our day.

Heidi, Steve, and I each got a room at a hotel instead of going to the albergue. We went to see the Knights Templar´s castle, then back to our rooms for a snooze before going to 6:30 mass and dinner.

Randi from Norway joined us for dinner. It was kind of sad, we are all going our separate ways tomorrow and it just didn´t seem possible that we may never see each other again. How strange it is to know someone for 2 days and you feel like you´ve known them all your life.

It was another late night for a pilgrim.

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